2.1.50 Release Available


This release contains the following enhancements/fixes/features:

  • Addition of the Timer interface to setup software timers
  • Addition of the Time interface to get accurate time information from the cloud
  • Addition of the EEPROM interface to allow persistent storage
  • Addition of BLE functions to set transmit power and advertising name
  • Allow the gateway to connect only to certain advertised names
  • Allow the gateway to specify connection interval
  • Stability to the gateway code that could result in hangs if DK’s are publishing
  • Utilize Buildpacks
  • Addition of Servo library
  • Fix issue with PWM duty cycle calculation
  • Substitute Nordic SDK 10 PWM library to help stabilize Servo and PWM libraries
  • Increase user module size by 16k, giving 36k to user code
  • Fixes to issues #26, #10, #5, #4, #1, #34, #35

Factory Resets will revert most boards to 1.1.47, requiring the update again.

WARNING: This release changes module boundaries. Once bluz DK is updated to this release, you cannot use older versions from the Web IDE, the device will simply enter Safe Mode. To upgrade to this release, you MUST flash the system part first, then the user part.

Docs: http://docs.bluz.io/

Update Instructions for DK: http://docs.bluz.io/tutorials/updates/
Update your gateway here: http://console.bluz.io/

Updating to a new version means that system firmware must be updated the first time. We strongly recommend using the bluz iOS or Android app for this first process