2.2.50-beta.3 Pre-Release Available


This release contains the following enhancements/fixes/features:

  • Support for Eddystone URL and iBeacon protocols
  • Ability to read the supply voltage, issue #36
  • Hopeful fix for firmware hang issue #40
  • Documentation for setting the connection intervals
  • Library v2 Support in the Particle Web IDE!

Docs: http://staging-docs.bluz.io/

Update Instructions for DK: http://staging-docs.bluz.io/tutorials/updates
Update your gateway here: http://staging-console.bluz.io/

Updating to a new version means that system firmware must be updated the first time. We recommend using the bluz iOS or Android app for this process to save time.




Looks like a broken link on the Gateway instructions…


Fixed the link, thanks!


Looks cool!

What are the default parameters for the connection intervals? What are safe values to pass in that will result in reasonable behavior but extend battery life? For instance, my system sends data once a minute. Could I pass in something like 500ms as the max?



Depends on the gateway. I am in the process of writing a tutorial about this, but essentially the central (gateway) is the one who dictates the value. Currently our gateways support only 7.5mSec to 300mSec. Others support more.

For our gateways, you can also specify this value through a Particle function call.

If you are using a Raspberry Pi as a gateway, the value set in bluz will be used, and it seems to chose the higher of the values. You can safely set it as high as 500mSec, it will just take longer to connect and OTA updates would become very slow.