A Bluz bridge/gateway hybrid app using Phonegap (Cordova)?


Hi Bluz Neighbourhood,

We launched a product about 6 months ago that is built around the Particle Photon. We built a hybrid Phonegap (Cordova) app to support it. Now we’re developing sibling products that will integrate using Bluz.

We like the idea of having our app act as mobile gateway, but will need to do so via Phonegap plugins. e.g. this one.

Has anyone taken this approach yet? Does anyone want to collaborate on its development? Alternatively, is anyone interested in taking on a contract to build it for the community?


EDIT: @paul_tanner I see you mentioned wanting to try this here, any progress?


The official Bluz mobile gateway is just a gateway to the particle server and does not provide access to the traffic itself. There is also this one https://github.com/mumblepins/bluz-gateway to run on a linux platform that has the same limitation.

However, I wanted to handle the data in the phone app. I made a proof of concept inside an existing app based on @randdusing’s blutetoothle library.

I can’t open-source this as it is but I plan to strip it down so I can. Work is getting in the way at the moment.

As you can see from the code this is not a gateway to the particle system. However, much of the code to do that is in the above reference. It looks feasible to do both things in a single app:

  • handle particle system interaction
  • input to Bluz from the app
  • output to the app from Bluz and process the data there


Oh cool. I hadn’t see that.

Maybe a Bluz Phonegap plug-in would be best actually. One that let you:

  • Read the Particle Id, Particle Name, and Claim State,
  • Bridge traffic to the Particle Cloud,
  • Use the local comm sendData() features.

Then anyone could just drop it into a hybrid app. I’ll see what we can do.