About Ble gateways and other


Hi all

I have preordered a gateway shield too , it will be used with a photon.
But about it i have two questions:

  1. Can the gateway shield + photon manage and collect data from other Ble (no bluz), If yes , how can they do that?

  2. i read about a BLE gateway done with raspberry, can you send me a link to undestand better how can i do it? Is there a server software ?


  1. Yes, it can. However, this may or may not be supported by an API from us on day one. You can always modify the source code using the Nordic SDK, so you can really make the GW shield do whatever you need (within the bounds of the nrf51 capabilities). It would be great to know more about your use case here and we can see how we can help or possibly add APIs that provide a specific use case if it makes sense.

  2. We don’t have the software written to run a bluz gateway on a rasPi yet. However, this would be relatively simple given what the gateway does. It really just reads data from each bluz and forwards it to a socket (and vice versa). Once the gateway code is open sourced, you could replicate this relatively easily on any platfrom really. If you would like to try this task, I would be more than happy to support the effort and can get you early access and any details you might need.

Thanks for backing us and I would love to hear more about your plans for bluz!