Accessing Particle functions without being connected to the cloud



How can I access a Particle function running on a DK with:

  1. A ioS phone (not connected to the cloud, just Bluetooth)?

  2. A PC (not connected to the cloud, just Bluetooth)?

What software tools do I need in both cases?

Thanks in advance.


There isn’t really a way to access a Particle function without the Particle cloud. You really have two options if you don’t want to use the public Particle cloud:

  1. Use local communication from a gateway to a device to send commands down. This would require writing the code on the gateway to do this.
  2. Use the local cloud from Particle. Particle made this available a while ago, and I think it is getting some community support recently here: You could run this on the PC and that would provide you a local cloud. This would allow you to run all the Particle functionality to control your device as if it were on the public cloud.