Adafruit Libraries no such file or directory


I am using the Bluz DK connected via BLE to a Bluz Gateway with a Particle Photon. I am using the Particle Build online IDE. I have flashed the Bluz DK Gateway Particle Photon with the gateway code and the Bluz DK is connected to the internet. I was able to flash the Bluz DK with a simple blink LED script.

I am now trying to hook up some sensors to the Bluz DK and get readings. I have included the Adafruit Libraries necessary for my project

I am getting this error “Adafruit_DHT.h: No such file or directory” when I try to verify

It is strange because when I change the target to the Bluz Gateway with Particle Photon the code will verify and compile with no errors. Why is this happening with the Bluz DK? Is there something I am missing?

Thanks for the help!



Which firmware version are you targeting? Can you try changing your target firmware version to 2.3.50?

I believe that should fix the issue, but please let me know if it does not.