Advertise sensor data over bluetooth


I have a simple application where I need to create a device that will collect sensor data (say heartbeat) and then send that data over bluetooth every second to a mobile device that is paired to my bluz. I dont need any 2 way communication, just a bluetooth device advertising its collected data every second. I dont need a gateway, and I dont need the cloud stuff, just a basic advertisement of current sensor values over bluetooth.

Is bluz the right device for the job?


How much data are we talking about?

You also mentioned two concepts. The first was a device paired with a smartphone. The second was a BLE device that simply advertises data, like a beacon, and is picked up by a smartphone.

I would suggest the former, where you actually connect the BLE device to the smartphone. This is the more normal situation and will save the smartphone from having to scan constantly, which can eat up the battery. This would certainly work with bluz with local communication, though you would have to write the app which handles all the low level connection/data retrieval (can use our open source app as a good roadmap)

The advertising approach could work, but you would be much more limited in the amount of data you can send. Also, the phone would have to scan constantly, as I mentioned, and that consumes a lot of power. Finally, the advertisements would be available for anyone to see. Bluz could also handle this, you can change the advertising name to the data you want to send, but it is restricted to 24 bytes.


We are talking small little bits of data. I am looking to build a BT peripheral, most of the peripherals I see how there such as heartrate monitors and such publish their info in a profile that any app can connect to automatically and read. I had not thought about the power consumption side of things, but most of these peripherals seem to be fairly reasonable right? The goal is that my device could work with not just my own app, but with any other apps that were looking for the same thing. Possible?


You can certainly make a BLE device open to work with other apps. As bluz works with the standard BLE stacks on iOS/Android, that will work just fine.