Android App not in Play Store


I cant locate the Android app on the Play Store.

I looked at the documentation and it mentions the iOS App, but I dont see anything linking to the Play Store.

Is it not released yet??


@carsten4207, the Android app is still in beta and only available on a private repo. Perhaps @eric is willing to share it now? :wink:


Yes, the Android app isn’t up yet. I am actually working on trying to finish it right this very minute.

We do have a beta version that just acts as a gateway, but it doesn’t allow you to claim a device or even retrieve its ID so you could claim it manually. It also only allows one connection at a time and is a bit buggy. The new version will have all this fixed.

If you can get your hands on an iDevice, the iOS app is up in the store now.

I should be able to post it to the Play Store by Monday, at the latest. If you want to get started before that, I can get you the beta app and we can manually determine your device ID so you can claim it, just a one-time step. Let me know


Focus on the app. I’ll steal my wife’s iPhone in the mean time.