Android Tasker support



I want to build a project similar to the “day night photoresistor” project.
The key difference being that I don’t need to “go out” via the Internet, I just want to get the latest light value locally on my phone and trigger and respond to it in Tasker (to, for example, play a sound file).

Tasker support opens the door for automation in a big way because it’s pretty much the de-facto way of doing automation on Android.

Would very much appreciate any help in how to achieve this.



I am not too familiar with Tasker, but the trick of course is figuring out how to get the data from bluz into Tasker. We do have a local communication option that can bypass the cloud, but Tasker would need to be able to read and understand BLE data, not sure if it can do that.

Unless Tasker can already connect to BLE devices and get the data from them, it may be easier to go through the cloud. If Tasker can, for example, listen to triggers from other sources (IFTTT, webhooks, etc) then the cloud may make things simpler. Not sure though, it depends on what Tasker can do and how it can get data into the app.