Are HID Profiles supported?


HI Eric,

Are HID profiles supported now? I read on the kickstarter that it could be used in this way:

Unlink other BLE development boards, you will have access to everything. Create your own services and characteristics, use built-in profiles like HID over GATT, or customize any aspect of the BLE connection.

I found HID Keyboard / Mouse Emulation but it seems quite old so I just wanted to see if this is now possible

I have an Android tablet in my car and want to interface to the existing steering wheel buttons to control volume, skip tracks etc. Quite similar to what the goGlove does. Is this possible with bluz?

Many thanks.


As of now, they are not supported at the app level. Adding support wouldn’t be terribly difficult, though it would use up more flash/RAM so that would need to be evaluated.

The code to run that could be added to the system firmware, which just uses the Nordic SDK. If you would be interested in trying to port that over, I could even send you the GoGlove code that executes it, and we could put a bounty on the feature. Let me know if you would want to try that.