Atom IDE and bluz


Has anyone managed to compile BLUZ code using the ATOM IDE?

I get an error and I think its because the device is not set correctly. If I use my Photon the error goes away.
Might have to do with PLATFORM_ID? I have it set to 103.



We haven’t officially tried this. It is certainly possible and we can get to it if there is a demand for it. Are others using this?


@robot, are you referring to this flavor of the Atom editor?


Thats the one.
I managed to get it to work.
PLATFORM_ID == 103 for bluz


Where are you setting the PLATFORM_ID?

I am running into a similar problem. I am seeing “build didn’t produce binary Error: Command failed :/spark/co…”


I figured out my problem. I put the same code in the Web IDE and discovered that I have overflowed the binary size for the bluz.


Actually, I have been using the particle Dev (Atom) app for my Bluz development. Other than some issues with my error in calling Particle.publish() before confirming there’s a connection, I haven’t really had any issues. That being said, I may be having an issue with calling Particle.variable() before a connection is established, but I would consider that my error, not a fault of Atom.

You need to be certain you’ve selected a BluzDK before compiling. Otherwise, you will likely get an error.


do you mean your program is larger than what bluz can hold?


Yes, the program was too big for the Bluz.