Battery powered BLUZ for one year?


Hi. I build recently a little USB-powered desk frame around the Photon and a low power micro ePaper display. It starts regularely (e.g. every 5 minutes) a webhook and updates the screen if the status changed somehow.
Now I was wondering if it possible to upgrade the project to a battery driven, cable-free picture frame with Bluz … having a mind a lifetime of one year before recharging an internal 3000mAh li-ion accu. Please can I ask for your experience… do you think that is realistic?

My rough calculation used 80µA deep sleep current and 8mA for the BLE radio being ON for 10s within a 5min periode. With these numbers I am getting 340µA in average which equals to 363 days based on a 3000mAh accu.

Please let me know your opinion…

Thanks in advance!


There are a lot of factors that affect the overall battery life, so it’s never quite as simple as dividing the numbers. Plus, lithium batteries shouldn’t ever be drained all the way, so you’ll lose some there too.

However, you should probably get a lot of battery life from a 3000mAh battery, that is more than two AA batteries. The 80uA while connected is a bit high, you should see a little better than that. You can also use our low power tutorial to get the most from your battery: