Battery shield - battery half in/out to work


I just received my starter pack yesterday and wanted to get things online today. My first DK worked fine in the first battery shield. However, my second DK-battery shield combination seems to have an issue. The only way the board will work (light up) is if the battery is half in/out (well, about ⅔ in ⅓ out). The batteries are brand new and measure about 2.96v. I’ve only had the devices powered on for about an hour–with no application code running.

What I’ve found is that the power light will not come on if the battery is fully inserted, but does come on if I slowly push the battery out of the holder part way. The problem now seems to exist with both shields.

Could this merely be a case of weak (albeit new) Duracell batteries 2032 (DL2032/CR2032) or do I have some poor workmanship on the battery shields?


We have heard intermittent issues around this. The battery shields are supposed to have a little dab of solder on the metal pad on the PCB that the negative side of the battery sits on. This should have been on all production shields, but some seem to have been missed and we are going back and re-working them.

If you have an iron, you can just put a little solder on the end and then fit it under the battery holder and onto the pad. You just need a little tiny bit.

The issue is that the board can slightly flex and lose some contact with the pad, this dab of solder prevents that.

Sorry about this issue. If you would like, we can swap your battery shields. Let me know


I’ll see if “a dab will do ya’” (I think I just dated myself) and will let you know the results. Perhaps I shouldn’t have returned the batteries to the store so quickly! :wink:

Thanks for the quick response!


Woohoo!!! Both battery shields are rock solid with the “dab” fix! :joy: