Beta Bootloader Testers Wanted


As part of the 2.1.50 release, we made a small but important change to the bootloader. Basically, we added support for entering Safe Mode.

This means if you flash bad user code, you won’t have to do a full factory reset. Instead, you can release the button during a boot while the device flashes magenta, this will wipe out the user code and leave the system firmware intact. It will save you a lot of trouble if you find yourself factory resetting often.

As updating bootloaders in the field is a little riskier, we wanted to sign up a few people to beta test this before we release into the general public. If you would like to try this out, please respond here and we can sign you up to get instructions.


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Hi Eric,

Yes I would like to give the Beta Bootloader a test.


Sign me up as well…


You are added, you should now see a new category called Beta with the recent topic post which includes instructions to change your bootloader.


Would be interested to test as well…


You’re added, you should now see a new topic under the Beta category with instructions to update your boards.