BLE padlock..Noke


Being BLE I’m sure it isn’t the most secure thing in the world (or could be I’m not educated enough to test it for security) but will keep my pool gate secure enough to make me happy. Works well and really demonstrates the power of BLE devices!


That’s a great idea!

as for security, locks are made to keep honest people out… do you think your avg crim is going to bother with anything besides a set of bolt cutters (aka master key) anyway?


Yeah, I have met these guys before, we were at a conference together about a year ago when bluz was still SparkLE!

They actually add a layer of encryption on top of BLE, similar to how bluz does it. So BLE isn’t very secure, inherently, but you can add encryption on top which makes the overall system secure. This is what Particle provides so well and Noke has added the same type of encryption for the lock. So overall, they should be very secure, just expensive!