BLE Scan and Update


We have a requirement for a device that has to scan thousands of nearby BLE device (that are advertising) at any given time, run specific algorithms and keep updating status to cloud about near by available devices (connected via Wifi). We are currently using Rasp PI based setup which is proving to be quite unstable, especially the BLE

Would Bluz be the right kind of a board that we should be looking at to accomplish this. We have built other devices based on nRF51822 and are very comfortable with Nordic SDK’s. If possible, what kind of integrations should we be looking at to operate this in Bluz. The final device is standalone and needs to connect to our cloud server via wireless connections. The most important requirement is that this device should be able to scan the advertising packets of near by BLE devices continuously 24*7.

Appreciate the support


Im not sure if the Bluz would be prefect, the Gateway however would probably be of interest. it uses the nrf51822 module connected to a Particle P1 wifi module, although your use case would mean you would have to change the code dramatically. basically there is an SPI link and uart between the nrf51822 and the P1 module, there is also 2Mbit flash attached to the nrf51822 via another separate SPI bus.