Bluetooth Claim Details


Is there any documentation about how the claiming process works with the Bluz device? I see the code in the ios-app but would like to see more details about what data is being sent to the device and what data is being read from it and in what order. I am sorry if this information exists and I am not finding it.

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The process is actually part of the Particle cloud. Basically, it is associating the device’s ID with your account. I am pretty sure there is nothing sent to the device when this happens, it only gets stored in the cloud.


Thank you for your quick reply. The code that is in the ios-app to deal with the bluetooth layer (BLEManagrer.swift), is that to just read the device id? Is there a characteristic that is the device ID and that is all the is read from the device over bluetooth then once that is retrieved it will connect it to the Particle Cloud through their REST APIs or through another API (I see in the code).



There is a characteristic to send data down and one to send data up. We then have some codes that allow us to specify the type of traffic sent, like a header, where some traffic is for the cloud, some is for local settings or to retrieve the device ID, some is for local communication, etc.

Are you trying to modify or port this code? Or just trying to learn more? Let me know, if you have a specific goal in mind it may be easier to help with questions along those lines


I am building an app that is connecting to the Bluz and claiming it. I want to understand better what the code is doing in the ios-app so that I an do the same thing in our app. So I am kind of porting it, but would like to understand what is going on much better, instead of just do the same thing as the ios-app and not really know what is happening. Any details you can offer about what steps need to be performed and what data needs to be read/written to the device would really help.



We don’t have the protocol fully documented, but the code should be pretty straight forward. When a bluz device is connected to, it notifies the correct characteristic and then opens a socket to the Particle cloud. Data that is sent up on the characteristic with the proper header is sent through the socket. Data that comes in from the socket is sent to another characteristic.

It is really just a bridge, passing data back and forth.