Bluetooth headset


Hi! I’m planning to realize a very simple smartwatch using Bluz, and I thought it would be great if I manage to add a small microphone and speakers to stream phone calls to the watch. The problem is that I don’t know how I can do the wiring and codes to transmit via bluetooth both audio and messages needed for the smartwatch (like notifications). Can some of you help me?
Thank you really much


bluz is a Bluetooth LE device, and there is no way to transmit audio over it, unfortunately. There are basically two Bluetooth standards today, Classic and LE. Audio will only work on Classic.


So the only way is to use a normal Photon (or arduino) with a bluetooth module?


If you want audio, you would definitely need a Bluetooth classic module hooked to something else. You could even hook the classic module to bluz if you wanted, you would just then have two Bluetooth connections to maintain to the smartphone.

You would need something like this:

I have used them in the past, but not for audio.


Thank you. Can you explain me how it changes from classic to LE? I’ve tried to search but I didn’t understand. Also I’ve found someone that says audio streaming works with LE, so I am a bit confused.


Bluetooth LE is a completely different technology than Classic, it was essentially a brand new standard. While they are both called Bluetooth, they are not really similar.

LE was designed from the ground up for low energy applications where small amounts of data needed to be sent. It doesn’t have many of the Bluetooth classic profiles including audio.

There are a fair amount of good articles out there discussing the differences, from some quick googling here is a decent one:


Hi there, I had the same questions (and still have plenty more!).
I watched today this video from Google I/O 2013 and it helped me understand a bit more. They describe Bluetooth and BLE from the Android perspective, but it helped me see the difference between the two.

EDIT: this article from Adafruit helped me too.

Hope this can help you too.


I have a last question about bluetooth. Can I be connected with two devices at the same time? Can I send a string to the first one and another string to the second one?


Yes, that is not a problem at all.