Bluetooth v5 upgrade


Any idea if the extra range and faster data rates allowed by v5 will require new hardware or can be done with a firmware upgrade? If new hardware is required do you plan to offer a v5 version at some point?

Snippet from the v5 FAQ:

Bluetooth 5.0 introduces a new capability to increase the bandwidth to 2 Mbps.
By doubling the amount of data that devices can transfer, Bluetooth 5.0 reduces
the time required for transmitting and receiving data, facilitating rapid and
reliable over-the-air firmware updates for mobile devices and fast upload of
days’ worth of collected data from a sensor when a mobile device is turned on.

Bandwidth can be decreased to achieve up to 4x longer range while
maintaining similar power requirements. With quadruple the range over which
their devices can transmit and receive data, product designers creating home
automation and security solutions can provide coverage of an entire home,
building, or locality.

Faster data rates could be nice but I’m more interested in increased range as I only seem to be getting about 20ft through a wall or two.


Your email timing is interesting! Just yesterday, Nordic Semiconductor (manufacturer of the nrf51822 inside bluz) announced their newest product the nrf52840. This new SoC is a much beefier MCU (ARM Cortex-M4F with 1MB Flash and 256K RAM) and comes fully ready to support BLE 5. It also has USB 2.0 on-board, which is quite interesting as well.

So, the current bluz DK will most likely not be able to support BLE 5. However, we are always investigating new products to release…


This new module wouldn’t need the external flash with the 1MB internal? How hard would it be to port the existing Bluz firmware to this new chip?


Correct, the external flash wouldn’t be necessary.

The port should be somewhat straight forward, but I haven’t worked with the new SDKs and chipsets so I can’t say for sure.