Bluz as Product in Particle Cloud


When creating a product in the particle cloud, it asks to choose the hardware, and it only lists the Particle/Electron options. Is there a way to get the Bluz configured as a product?


You can absolutely use bluz for a Particle product, but the process is still a bit in the works. The Dashboard has you choose the Particle board, for now you can just choose the Photon and this will work fine. There are possibly a few gotchas around checking system firmware versions for a fleet, but Particle is aware of this and is planning to take care of any problems. Most other features should just work, so you can proceed with any development you need to.

If you have any questions or run into issues, you can also reach us at and we can work with you and Particle to resolve them.


@eric I just circled back on this and tried to do it and I can’t add a device. It says:

Bummer! No devices were added to your product. Please double check the device IDs are correct and try again.

I found that someone is having the same problem with a RedBear:

Do you have any information on ways to make this work?


Let me ping Particle. They are aware of this, I believe they may have plans to implement it, I just don’t know when


Ok, I heard back. Sorry to say this isn’t something on the immediate horizon. Initially it seemed possible to do this by selecting the Photon as a type, but I was advised that probably won’t work too well either.

Do you have an immediate need for this? Is there something you need by creating a product as opposed to using the standard features available from using bluz? If it is something that isn’t shareable yet, fee free to PM me and we can discuss. There could certainly be things we can do to help even without the full Particle support for products.



I’ve been getting the same errors and no response in 4 days from particle support.

No particle product support is major news to me. If this is stated elsewhere, I missed it. I notice there is no product support for Raspberry Pi either. So to clarify, there is currently no path and no path planned to deploy a fleet of bluz-based products using particle. Is this correct?


This is currently being handled on a case-by-case basis. If you can email us at and provide some details around your project (timing, size, needs for the Particle products, etc.) then we can start a dialog between you, us, and Particle.


Sure I’ll email. But this lack of transparency is disappointing. I just tweeted to particle. This is small print at it’s worst and the bane of everyone researching viable options with which to command a fleet of iOT products. Despite the freemium offering for the platform, the investment of time is immense. After weeks, months, to hit a wall like this is quite frustrating. I understand if particle prefers not to support 3rd party hardware for free, but it must be stated. Especially with all this celebrating of 3rd party hardware support for the pi and bluz.


@winstonford and @pnoyes: Particle Product Support


Great new Eric, nice work!