Bluz BLE API question


Will there be any API relations to the current or comming mbed BLE_API ontop of the particle HAL? Which roles (peripheral, central) will be implementet (S110/S130) in the bluz firmware?


Great question!

We do plan to add an API on top of the Nordic SDK to make adding services easier. However, we weren’t specifically looking at the mbed API. There is an open source project that makes things pretty easy, we were looking to first merge with this:

Bluz DK itself will support peripheral out of the box and run S110. The gateway and gateway shield will support central and will run s120. We will also add an API for that eventually to wrap some of the lower Nordic SDK.

Of course, in the end bluz is just another Nordic development board so you can always use the hardware with any other software stack if you want to fully reprogram it. We will just try and make our software stack as simple and easy to use as possible.