Bluz connect to a thier party Gateway

I am wondering if Bluz can connect to any Bluetooth gateway to talk to the Cloud. I am looking at an application where healthcare providers have a Bluetooth hub that communication via cellular. I am wondering what would be required or information that I would need so that I could connect to their hub.



As long as custom code can be added, this should certainly be possible. The protocol for the gateway isn’t exactly published, but it is publicly available in the source code. We have a bounty out currently for someone in the community to port this to a Raspberry Pi: [BOUNTY: CLAIMED] Cross Platform Gateway

So as long as a device has a Bluetooth LE Central and an internet connection, and it can programmed with our protocol, it would work.

Would you be able to share information about the hub that you are looking at?

@eric, can’t share at the moment we are working on the details with the health care provider this week to see if we can our hands on one