Bluz DK as beacon



I am trying to wrap my head around BLE and Beacon. Is it possible to create a Beacon with the Bluz in Wiring ?

So far I understand that a Beacon is a dumb BLE device with no service and broadcasting minor and majors.

Thank you in advance !


Bluz DK use as Beacon

It is currently not possible to create a beacon with bluz in Wiring, though this is definitely something we plan to support.

Yes, iBeacons are basically just broadcasters that send specific information. You would need an app to interpret that information to make them meaningful. There are other types of beacons, such as Eddystone, that provide more features (such as broadcasting URLs to enable the physical web). But at the end of the day, a beacon is just a broadcast device that requires some thing (almost always an app) to receive the data and interpret it.

We actually do have beacon firmware for the nrf51 that is programmable through the Particle cloud. However, it isn’t currently compatible with bluz, it is on our roadmap to integrate the two. If you are really interested, we could possibly get you that firmware in binary format to flash to your board, though you would need a JTAG/STLink programmer and I would call the whole thing highly experimental :smile:


HI Eric,

Thank you for your answer. The fact that there is a nrf51 firmware for beacons is a very good news I might wait for the implementation in wiring !


Hello Eric,

Can i Directly program Bluz with nrf5-SDK tools from OTA ?


Sort of. We use the nrf SDK in our firmware, but have added a lot on top of it including all the Particle and OTA functionality. So you can modify the code in our repository using the nrf SDK, but you must keep everything intact for Particle connections and OTA methods. You can’t write an app with the nrf SDK natively and then OTA it to bluz, that won’t work. You would have to start with our stack and build from there.

But yes, you can modify anything with the nrf SDK. What are you trying to do exactly? Do you want to change bluz to a beacon?


Hello Eric,
Yes i am trying to make to use it as a Beacon.