!Bluz DK Contest!


Alright everyone, we have heard so much feedback about getting your rewards early, and now you have your chance!

We are opening up this contest to get peoples ideas on what they will build with bluz. So get those creative and awesome ideas flowing and start letting us know how you will use bluz to build the next great, connected thing.

Extra credit will go to people who create crazy images of their idea, you can download the png of bluz with no background here to do so:

Extra Extra credit will go to people who post their idea on Twitter as well, under #BLE4IoT. Yes, there are some of our ideas on there already, don’t worry, we can’t win :slight_smile:

We will draw two winners. They will each get access into a special Beta program for free, meaning they will get a bluz DK, a battery shield, a Gateway Shield and a J-Link Shield in August, on top of all their normal pledged rewards which will still be delivered in October. So post your ideas now for your chance to get bluz early!

Contest will end May 17th and we will announce the winners after the campaign closes.

So get posting, and happy contesting!


I’m going to attempt a home-made Kevo.

Actually, if anyone has any prior art on mounting a servo/stepper to a deadbolt, please send it my way :smile:


I’ve got one of those pay & go electricity meters and it can be fairly easy to forget to top it up without setting reminders and such. Sometimes I assume my partner has topped it up, sometimes the opposite.
No mains connection in the closet with the meter so I was going to run a cable to power a Spark to monitor both the consumption and the remaining credit but the Bluz allows me to run off batteries and not run the long cable from the other room.

My meter has 1000 impression per kWh and measuring the time between pulses allows you to get a live view of the power consumption of your home. Can easily log all of this data to a database and do some analysis on the data to see when the highest usage is.

I’ve not figured out all the details for reading off the led screen. I don’t want to take the meter apart (technically it belongs to my energy provider, not me) so I will see what the best option is for reading. A camera seems the most obvious but its a dark room, the LCD has no backlight so I will need to provide LEDs to illuminate the LCD.
The numbers on the screen are in a 7 segment format, so need to worry about different widths of numbers.

I’ll probably make a web interface that will show me the current usage and the cost per minute/hour. The real challenge is going to be efficiently reading the LCD screen.


Without getting into too much detail, I will be using Bluz as low power energy monitors in an alternately powered environment (solar, biothermal, geothermal). With the gateway, the system will not only provide aggregation but also some independent control intelligence. It will also connect via the web as a “smartthing”.


I am currently in discussion with the creators of this product, but hardware and software permitting I will be attempting to create a Wii Fit Balance Board retrofit conversion for a web-enabled, data-tracking scale and health monitor.

The alarm beeps, and you roll over to shut it off. As the gray dawn cuts through your window, you begrudgingly shuffle the blanket off and swing your feet over the edge - your Balance Board grins up at you. Kicking the front power button the happy blue LED flashes 4 times then turns solid, prompting you to step on to its warm white surface. 5 seconds later your phone buzzes with excitement - you hit your 10lb weight loss goal already this month! Congrats, it’s great to see that graph slope downward as your hard work pays off.

As a Spark fanatic and avid Ionic developer, I’ll be combining Spark and Bluz for a data-push event service. The Spark cloud is an excellent ecosystem for publishing and retrieving data. Services like IFTTT and Phant have made it easier than ever for developers to store, retrieve and interface with their data. Ionic and ngCordova make for some great OS integration, so we’ll be looking at supporting iOS, Android and Windows devices right away. I’m also a backer of the new Pebble Time, so if there’s interest here then I might even be able to consider integration for this as well!

I have been trying to crack the Bluetooth stack on the Balance Board for some time, so with luck Bluz will be the missing piece. Perhaps I’ll whip up a pic or two tonight, looking forward to chatting with everyone :slight_smile:

Update: Eric has confirmed that the HCI stack is accessible! This is awesome news - many other SPP Bluetooth modules don’t allow this operation, or you have to buy a specific chip with special firmware on it. The only other feasible library for accomplishing this project through Bluetooth makes use of the USB HID stack and a USB Bluetooth dongle, which I wanted to avoid… it will be much much nicer to have a library for comms directly to Wiimotes and the Balance Board!


Hous.io is a semi-autonomous smart home device that revolves around your daily life.
A host of sensors will provide environmental information, wireless radios for integration with other home automation devices (433mhz, Zigbee, etc.), onboard ir blasters, and most importantly The Bluz BLE to provide personalization by identifying users, and provide a central gateway for a network of BLE buttons to remotely trigger actions around the house.
Hous.io would have a web admin and mobile app to help manage profiles, BLE identity, customization, integration with other devices like Hue, Wemo, Zigbee, 433mhz, etc.



I forgot to post before the deadline (yesterday), but I’ll try anyway.

I plan to use one Bluz to replace the Core that is in my “Skeleton Key”, which is a servo-equipped deadbolt that I lock/unlock with a web app that I wrote. By using the Bluz with its BLE technology, I should be able to go wireless and not have a power cord running up my front door. The BLE feature will also make it easier to automate unlocking the door, since I can potentially have it unlock my door when my phone is in range.

I also plan to use one as the controller to automate the movement of my swivel TV mount. It will control the linear actuator and can easily be controlled with the Particle Cloud support.



Contest is closed! We will notify the winners soon and add them to the Beta list.