Bluz DK corrupted device ID



Similarly as in this post while trying to flash new firmware through UART using the python script I ended with a board unable to connect to the cloud. The ID I now read from the GW app starts with b1e2ffff. Also, nothing happens when I try to factory reset it, when I release the BTN it goes straight to slowly flashing magenta.

It flashed ok the first few times and I could still connect to the cloud then for no apparent reason it happened.
I was flashing .bin made from the develop branch of the bluz firmware.

To solve the issue I have an FDTI breakout + shield and a ST-Link/V2 +JLINK shield. I have not yet tried to program the Bluz using the SWD.

I believe the solution would be to re-run the factory programmer script, if you could give me access to it.
Let me know what you think, I need help :smile: .



Sorry for the issue. I will send you a direct message to clear this up. Thanks