Bluz DK use as Beacon


I am coming from Particle and i want to use Bluz DK to use as beacon to show my presence ? Is there any way to use it ? Thanks in Advance !

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If you search the forum you will see others with the (exactly) same question

if you use the search feature you will find many more, some with details on different bacon types too.

Whats your specific use case for the beacon? maybe we can help find a way to do it with whats currently available


Hello Hootie81,
Thank you for your reply. I want to make normal triggering switch beacon so, when i press the button it should send triggering event to the client.


Not quite sure I understand the triggering aspect here. Normally beacons are used to determine proximity to some location, they are always sending out a packet and aren’t triggered by anything. Instead
, the app listens for them and takes some appropriate when it is nearby.

Perhaps you can expand on your use case a bit?


Exactly Eric, but i don’t want to advertise every time. Only i press button it will advertise its identity.


Is it possible to program the bluz as a beacon? I remember you were talking about implementing that functionality a year ago, but I don’t know if it’s been done yet.


Not in the main repository yet, no.

I am working as hard as I can to get these features in, it has been a crazy week with the gateways coming in and us trying to ship all remaining Kickstarter orders. Should be done soon and then 1.2 is my priority, and beacon support is definitely on there!


Hi @eric, I see version 2.0.50 is about to drop. Is beacon support included in there?


Not yet, this is high on our radar and should hopefully be supported in the next release or two.