Bluz DK with Particle Power Shield



Is there possibility that I can connect Bluz DK to Particle Power Shield since the pin outs are pretty similar?

The reason is that I cannot recharge coin cell through Battery Shield.

Just one feedback for Bluz Battery Shield: it would be nice if user has a choice to switch on/off onboard led with an additional switch. Led drained significant amount of juice from coin cell and somehow defeats the purpose of longer battery purpose of Bluz, just my opinion.

Thanks in advance. :blush:


Yes, you can use the Particle power shield with bluz.

And there is actually a switch on the bluz battery shield to turn off the LED, it is halfway down and requires a fine point to toggle it, but that is a switch.


Thanks for the confirmation for compatibility of Bluz DK with Power Shield.

I didn’t know about the switch. :joy: It is good to know about this. Thanks again.:flashlight: