Bluz Gateway cannot connect to cloud [ Red RGB ]



USB A type Bluz Gateway is no longer able to connect Particle cloud anymore.

It was acting strangely such as disconnecting from WiFi occasionally.

Now that I plugged into wall outlet. It was fine for a while. After that, it is flashing blue and I thought the wifi memory resets or something… then I used Particle CLI to reconfigure the wifi to Bluz Gateway…

After entering wifi ssid and password, it is trying to connect to WiFi by flashing cyan… unfortunately the fast blinking cyan is being followed by short pulse of red rgb… :frowning:

I have uploaded video to Youtube which shows the RGB sequenece of Gateway.

Sometimes it shows this error.


That blinking I believe indicates the keys are bad on the P1, not sure why it would have happened suddenly.

Can you install the Particle CLI and try the following command:

particle keys doctor your_device_id

That should hopefully fix it.


How am I going to make Bluz Gateway (USB A type) to enter into DFU mode?


You can hold the button on the PCB and plug it into your PC. This button acts the same as the setup button on a Photon, so holding it down while powering on the board allows you to enter DFU mode.


Successfully entered into DFU mode and did particle doctor.
But RED rgb still sticks around after cyan. :sweat_smile: