Bluz Gateway in NodeJS

I thought I’d make a seperate topic about the NodeJS gateway, as I’d say it’s relatively ready for general usage. If you don’t want to gateway through your phone or the actual gateway, you can now gateway through a computer with bluetooth. Also, it has the capability to blacklist devices, so you could have multiple gateways working together.

I’ve tested it on a C.H.I.P., and other people have reported success on the Pi 3. AFAIK, there is no reason that it shouldn’t work on older Pi versions with a BLE adapter, or a Mac, but I don’t have testing capabilities for that, so you’ll have to stumble through the setup from the noble docs.

If you saw the initial release, I’ve made some improvements since then (currently at v0.1.1), primarily in the realm of reporting out info, and configurability. See the readme for details about that. It’s also been published to NPM. The project can be found on both Github and NPM.

Basic install instructions can be found here.

Please let me know if you have any questions or comments, and if you find a bug, start an issue! Thanks!


New version (0.1.2) released, with bug fixes that should make it more reliable about updating, and better able to handle a DK disconnect/reconnect.


Is there an equivalent to set_connection_parameters() in the node-based gateway?

If I remember correctly, the package that the node-based gateway uses just listens to the recommendations from the peripheral. So you should just be able to set them in your DK and they will apply: