Bluz / Gateway pairing


Is there a way to stop a gateway from connecting to other Bluz nodes? I plan to use an Electron, so bandwidth is not free.


Good question. The easiest way to do this now is to simply turn off BLE advertising in bluz, then no central device can connect. You can turn it back on when you want to connect, then off when you don’t. You can see the docs for how to do this:

We are also working on a way to selectively allow the gateways to connect to certain devices. There are a few ways to do this, the easiest is to have Bluz change its advertising data and have gateways filter out bluz devices. This would allow a bluz device to connect to other centrals (an app perhaps) but not a gateway. This is a feature we will probably add after the initial release.


The 2nd thing looks like my case.
I guess i could look into that myself, but currently i cannot even find the gateway sketch :slight_smile:


@remcohn, the Photon gateway code can be found here:



that link gives me a 404
its also listed as an issue on github:


That is currently a closed repository for beta testers, but I can give you access. What is your github username?

We will open that up very soon, before we ship any gateways, so the links will start to work once the repo is opened up.


ah that explains :slightly_smiling: im fine for now. have 2 DKs and a gateway in kickstarter, and orderd another 2 DKs + gateway shield for a new project that came up yesterday.


Just ordered a Gateway shield so I can keep my Bluz DK connected 24/7 and on-demand. I thought maybe it would stay paired to the phone, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. Would it be possible though, like my Pebble? I knew I should have got one of those right away! Lesson learned :grin:


I was waiting for this question…

iOS has some strange requirements about background tasks. If you want to do anything in the background, your app must be of a certain category (VOIP, music player, etc). BLE is one of these special modes, so our app can run in the background, but it only gets woken up on a BLE event, it will be suspended in between BLE events. When it gets suspended, the TCP socket to the Particle cloud gets closed, it is just the way Apple allows apps to work. On Android, bluz stays connected indefinitely.

With all that said, I will say we have a plan to fix it in iOS. I don’t want to go too far into the details for fear of jinxing it, but I hope it will be available this week. If all goes according to plan, I will reveal the details as soon as it is ready (or if it doesn’t work).

So stay tuned!


@BDub We have an answer to your issues, please see here: iOS App v1.1.0 Available