Bluz Gateway Setup



I have successfully set up my Gateway Shield (Proton) and I can see it on Web IDE. It connects and all is well.

I then flashed my DK per the instruction in:

I then disconnected both the shield and the DK. When I connected the shield, it connected to the internet and I could see it and it is flashing once every 2 seconds. Once I powered the DK, it goes from flashing green to flashing white. The Gateway now starts connecting and disconnecting. What am I doing incorrectly?

I then disconnected power to the DK, the the shield reconnected (flashing every 2 seconds). Now as soon as I power the DK, it flashes green but then the Gateway IMMEDIATELY starts flashing then it connects/disconnects etc. During that time, the DK continues to flash green …

I would appreciate your help.


I want to add to the above that while the DK is flashing Green and the shield is connecting/disconnecting, if I connect to the DK using my ioS phone, the DK starts flashing white but the shield now connects and stays connected.

As soon I disconnect the DK from my phone, the DK then flashes green and the Shield starts connecting/disconnecting


I did some more testing.

When I add all the example code from:


into my code running on the DK, and then connect to it with my phone, the DK flashes White (with or without Gateway powered). When this happens, I can no longer reach the DK without the dreaded factory reset.

I am sure this is caused by the following statement: SYSTEM_MODE(MANUAL); With all the code except for the last statement, I can reach reach the DK. But of course the Gateway still does not see anything.

I realize the firmwares keep changing. Is there a recommended firmware for the DK and the Photon that has been tested to work with the Gateway?

Thanks in advance.