Bluz Gateway to Thunderboard Sense



I’ve got a pending project (parts in the post) which I’d like your help with. I’m looking to connect a Thunderboard Sense ( to the Gateway for a direct and standalone IoT sensor board… sounds easy when you say that…?

Obviously diving into the abyss of BLE stacks, ID’s and characteristics means that it might not be that simple (one might expect BLE to just talk BLE to other BLE’s?!?). Perhaps obviously this might not work given the GWS runs Nordic and the Sense runs their own chip.

Does anyone have any experience (success) with this sort of stuff? I’m blindly hoping that once I get the Gateway scanning, it might find the Thunderboard Sense. I pair and then subscribe to the sensor values and receive a nice stream of data?

@fbtobajas, @gusgonnet - any success with your projects and external sensors / devices?

Without it becoming too technical has anyone changed the Gateway Shield Code at the system firmware level? Impossible or not?


This is my basic idea of the flow…