Bluz Grill Thermometer


So we wanted to take our standard grill thermometer and hook it to bluz so we could wirelessly check on the grill from our smartphone. We used the Proto Mini shield to make the circuit. You can see all the details on


Interesting, thanks for sharing Eric.

Just to clarify – the Bluz is publishing the temp, you got a node.js server running local somewhere else which is reading that and serving up the simple webpage page, and the phone is browsing to that? Just want to make sure I’m not missing something. Cool little project.

Congrats guys on the successful campaign!



We are using node.js, but only to serve up the HTML page. The page itself listens for Server Sent Events (SSE) from the Particle event feed, and it just looks for the correct one and updates the temp. So the temp never goes to the server, it just goes straight to the browser.

Bluz is setup to publish the event every second.