Bluz Mesh Networking


I’ve seen several references to mesh networking with bluz including some links to the nordic implementation but I don’t see any documentation for it.

Has anyone experimented with use of mesh networking with bluz? For my application I would like to propagate state to 6 other bluz devices so alternative suggestions for doing this would be welcome as well.


We have not tried mesh yet on bluz. This is definitely something we have planned to do, but there are many other items in the queue before that, so it would probably be a while before we got to it.

As for propagating data between bluz devices, could you use pub/sub? So each bluz board can subscribe to events and then a bluz board can publish an event which the other boards would receive. That may be the simplest way if it works for your use case.


Pub/sub can probably be made to work. In my case I also need to work offline at times. Does the pub/sub capability work without cloud access?


Pub/sub would require access to the cloud.

At the end of the day, bluz is fully open source and so you could use the Nordic examples directly on the hardware. A bluz DK can be treated just like any other nrf51822 dev board. It should be pretty easy to compile and port them over. What may be more challenging is integrating them into the bluz system in a nice way, but if you need to solve a specific use case, it should certainly be possible to take what you need.


I opened up my new bluzDK today and was able to get the Nordic mesh demo to run on it, without the bluz system though. I can see where a mesh could complement the bluz system for applications that need to do peer-to-peer communication without a lot of configuration.

The documentation was great!


We have been thinking a lot about how this integration should work, and nothing is nailed down. If you have a particular use case in mind, or thoughts about how to integrate, we would love to hear it.