Bluz Powered PopPet


We backed a Kickstarter last year called PopPet (, an awesome open source robot kit.

We finally had the chance to put it together today, and the kids loved it. Then, of course, we just had to hook it up to bluz so we could control it remotely.

It was quite simple, instead of replacing the motor driver board already inside we just hooked up two IO pins between the two and used Tinker to control it. When both pins are high, it goes straight. When both are low, it stops. When one is high and one is low, it will turn one way or the other. It took no code on Bluz to work, we just used Tinker. On the PopPet side, it was about 5 minutes and 10 lines of code in the Arduino IDE to make it work. That’s it, less than 10 minutes and we turned this robot into a drone that could be controlled from anywhere in the world through a REST API.

Here’s a quick video:

So, just a quick example to show how easy it can be to add bluz to an existing project for control.