Bluz Proto Shield - 5V


I an planning to use the nifty Bluz Protoshield (V2). My old system is operating on 5V and the BLUZ was powered via Vin.

I see the shield has a 3.3V rail. Is this connected to the 3.3 input on the board or can I supply 5V to that rail?

If not, what is the easiest way to drop the voltage from 5V to 3.3?



The 3V3 pin is connected to 3V3 on bluz, so you shouldn’t put 5V onto it. You can use the other pins on the breadboard area to wire up whatever you need to 5V.

Alternatively, you can put 5V on the 3V3 rail and then cut the trace that goes to bluz. Then you could solder a wire from the (now) 5V rail to the VIN pin on bluz, it can then use it’s on-board LDO to power itself