Bluzdk firmware parameters


Hi, i would like to connect a bluzdk device to a red bear duo acting as a central device (not bluz gateway). Where can i find any doc about the advertising, services, characteristics, … parameters defined by default in bluzdk firmware? In addition, and Sorry in advance for my question in case it is obvious … Where is the firmware for the bluzdk available to download (not the bluz gateway) in order to modify it, and where the firmware update procedure is detailed? Thanks


Unfortunately we don’t have fantastic documentation on the services/characteristics that we use. If you are comfortable looking through source code, the apps are a good place to look as they show which services we connect to and how we do it.

The source code for bluz is here: Both the gateway and DK firmware are in there, you choose which one you are building for at compile time. So to build for bluz, you go to the modules/ folder and use this command:


That assumes your code is in a folder called user/applications/myapp. You then just need to make sure you have the gcc arm toolchain installed, we recommend version 4.9.3.

Once you build, you have the binary files. You can see instructions for uploading them here: