BluzDK Fritzing part



is there a BluzDK Fritzing part available for download?

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I don’t personally use Frtizing, so I don’t know about this one. If someone wants to make one, I am more than happy to provide whatever necessary graphics for the board may be needed.


Which software did you use for your projects on
I would like to replace the Photon on my schematic :slight_smile:


I just use Inkscape to make them, it’s the free version of Adobe Photoshop. I admit I steal some vector graphics from Fritzing from time to time, but I just never really liked using their software.

If you want to get the high-res images and vector graphics files for DK, they are here:


Thank you very much! Fritzing is often awkward to use and searching parts is horrible for me. I will try Inkscape and update my schematic :slight_smile: