Blynk Integration!

We are super excited to announce that we are partnering with Blynk as the first Bluetooth LE hardware in their lineup. Blynk is a fantastic new platform that allows you to easily create a graphical interface for your hardware project. You simply open their app, drag-and-drop widgets (such as buttons, sliders, etc) and assign them to pins on your hardware. Once you load a special sketch onto your board, you can control components or gather data from sensors with zero code.

Blynk went through Kickstarter earlier this year and they already have a very impressive list of hardware partners including Spark, Arduino, and Raspberry Pi. We are so excited to join that list and offer Blynk to our backers.

There is a new reward level on our Kickstarter campaign, or you can add $20 to your pledge to get Blynk and the full range of widgets!


I recently posted on the Blynk forums and was dismayed to hear that the Blynk Embedded Architect @vhymanskyy did not have access to the Bluz hardware. I hope that you’ve got an open line of communication with the Blynk team and are able to deliver on this feature this summer. Maybe some Bluz developers could open a pull request against blynk-library to get things moving. Of course, I understand that there are other priorities at the moment and limited resources.

Yes, we have been talking with them. We did send them hardware about 3 weeks ago, so they should have it. We are definitely going to push for support in their app, I want it too!

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The Blynk folks indicated that one way to support Blynk requires TCPClient. I have a feeling that’s going to be easier for them (and enable non-local use cases) than direct phone-to-Bluz-over-bluetooth support.

Since a year ago when Blynk reward levels were announced, Blynk has changed their business model and added “Energy” consumption by widgets, with more energy available for purchase. Have you worked out a deal with them to give Bluz backers who chose the Blynk integration reward more than the “standard” amount of energy?

Hey @eric

I’ve got a project with a customer. It requires Bluetooth connection between the Android/iOS device and the board. I’m thinking Bluz module in CE board and a Blynk based app which we can have custom for the customer’s end users.

My question is does Blynk support direct Bluetooth connection to the Bluz modules or does this have to go through a gateway. The way the product works there is no internet data connection available to the device through WiFi or Cellular so the only connection we can use is bluetooth between the phone and the module.

Is this possible as I am thinking? I ask because Bluz is not listed under devices in the Blynk app.

Blynk integration has always been high on the list. They don’t support bluz natively through BLE, but they do with others. I was hoping they would support us natively as well, but I think they are waiting on is to add TCP support, something I hope to do soon.

So for now Blynk isn’t supported but it is definitey something we want to do soon. It would probably require a gateway as to don’t support is locally, but the gateway app could run on the same phone as Blynk

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