[BOUNTY] Bluz gateway vs redbear duo

I wanted to ask if there were any differences by using a bluz gw versus a redbear duo.
The cost is lower for the redbear but I was wondering if it could connect a redbear (acting as a gateway) a bluz BK (peripheral) with the right firmware?

So you want to replace the gateway or shield with a duo? This should be totally possible and would have some advantages, as you pointed out.

Yes, you would basically have to port the gateway protocol over to the Duo, but that shouldn’t be too difficult. I haven’t looked at the BLE API on the Duo, but you would need to operate it in Central mode. You would need to scan for bluz, connect, then notify the right characteristics and open a socket to the Particle cloud. Then you just hand data between the two.

We have opened up Bounties before for this type of project, so I am certainly willing to do that again. Others have ported the gateway to a Raspberry Pi/C.H.I.P. and so I think they may be able to help if you wanted to contact them.

How about 3 bluz DK, 3 battery shields, and 3 Proto shields for the person that successfully delivers? Would include all the deliverables/rules from the cross-platform gateway side: [BOUNTY: CLAIMED] Cross Platform Gateway


ok, this sounds pretty cool!
Let me read more about redbear…