Breakout pins on the battery shield?


Question from Kickstarter comments: Is it to late to have pin breakouts for the battery shield? This way you would need a proto shield or breadboard to construct a simple circuit/device?

It is certainly not too late. I was going for the smallest footprint possible, but can add breakouts if people want. They could be similar to thebSparkFun accelerometer shield, those are well placed.

Feedback? Thoughts?


Thanks for posting this to forum, I wasn’t sure how to best bring up this suggestion.

Is there a way to have the breakouts on the inside of the board so that the footprint doesn’t grow to much. I might be looking at the picture incorrectly but couldn’t you bump out the switch on the battery shield to match the Bluetooth antenna bump out on the Bluz DK?

If you did want to go the route of a SparkFun style shield I would just want to make sure the breakout could potentially handle a terminal block for easy prototype wiring.


We could move the breakouts to the inside, the biggest concern there is that you couldn’t put things larger items, like LED’s and whatnot, since they would be underneath the bluz board when it is in the shield. We could do it this way if that isn’t a problem for people.

As for the switch, the reason it is offset inwards is just so there isn’t a big piece of metal right below the antenna of the device. I was worried this would make it harder to flip the switch, but really I don’t have any issues with it now that I have built some. It is still quite simple.

We could probably add enough clearance for a terminal block like that.

Certainly appreciate the feedback, we have a few weeks before we lock everything down for production, so glad to hear peoples thoughts.


After further looking at the SparkFun Photon shields I have to agree with your earlier recommendation to mimic the SparkFun design and keep the breakouts external. If you follow the other design features of the SparkFun it would keep a consistent shield family to pull from.

I do however have concern of not having the switch at the perimeter of the board, specifically on the ability in creating an enclosure and have easy access to the switch. Thoughts/comments??


That is a good point about the switch, I hadn’t considered cases or enclosures. We can certainly move it, my biggest concern is that it will lengthen the overall board by the width of the switch (which is really only 1/10th of an inch, so not a big deal).

So I would just put the switch at the complete opposite end, next to the battery. Thoughts?


Ok, sorry for a bit of a delay, but I moved around the switch on the battery shield and added breakout pins. This increases the width of the entire shield by 0.3", but adds no length.

Thoughts? Feedback? Let me know what people think…


Looks like I am the only one who seems to care about the battery shield but I love the new design. Can the breakouts accommodate screw terminal blocks?


I will check, but I think there is enough room. If I can find out the exact footprint of the blocks, I can know for sure. I will also just test it once I get in some of these new boards.



Here is a diagram I found on Pololu, they don’t carry a 12-pin version but this looks exactly like the style I plan to purchase from Amazon.

What type of headers (if any) are being provided with this shield. I was hoping to stack it with the proto shield.

Next, I know I am getting into scope growth but what are your thoughts about also adding a JST connector for a LiPo battery?


Looking at the drawing, yes, it should fit. I purchased some as well and will verify, so we can make it work.

The battery shield will be stackable, it will have female headers on top and can plug into the proto shield.

As for other options, I didn’t want to go down the road of adding LiPo support. There are always things to consider when you get into LiPo batteries, and honestly, there are other shields out there that already handle it (SparkFun has one as well as Particle). Since they can both be used with bluz, I didn’t want to complicate the board.


I understand why you wouldn’t want to add LiPo support.

This is turning out to be a great shield that I will get a lot of use out of.


Alright, got the new battery shield boards today so I had to share a few pictures. Here it is:

And yes, the terminal blocks fit, though a little snuggly:


That looks awesome, exactly what I wanted to see.