Build vs Particle Dev


I had a bit of a surprise yesterday when trying to load new application firmware onto one of my bluz from I switched back to Particle Dev and all seems fine. With the default settings do the two result in the same firmware-system software?


Sorry, not quite sure I follow. Do you mean you had been local compiling with ‘develop’ and then then tried to flash an app from the Web IDE?

I also noted an issue doing that, it has to do with the sleep mode changes Particle made in 0.5.0. I will get that fixed in develop before we do a prerelease, but generally develop is the latest and greatest and may still have some outstanding issues to it.


I have Particle Dev installed (Atom) and have been using it for my Particle and BluzDK development. Earlier this week, I had issues with my BluzDKs and thought it might be due to the fact that I had moved my application code to and did my compiling and flashing from there–not the local app on my Mac. When I switched back to Particle Dev, things seemed to clear up, but it may have been a coincidence.

I also in the back of my mind seem to recall a post about 0.5.0 and didn’t know which environment was effected.


Ah, sorry, I misunderstood.

I haven’t tested with local Particle Dev at all, but it should just be using the same compile functions. Unless something has changed (maybe some of the Particle Elites on here know better?) the compile function for Web IDE and the Prticle Dev IDE should be the same.

It shouldn’t affect any kind of code stability to use either/or.


Yup, they use the same compile farm. :slight_smile: