Can a Bluz control two Servo motors with a rechargeable battery as the power source?


Hi! I currently have a project with a Photon board that controls two Servo motors, powered via the USB on the Photon. I’d like to move this project to my new Bluz board in the hopes that it can be used outside of a network (in a car).

Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can power two SG90 Micro Servos with a Bluz? I’d rather use some sort of rechargeable battery as opposed to an AAA or AA battery pack, but I’m open to any suggestions.

Obligatory - I’m very new to this; this is my first post! I’m an iOS developer by day, but have been really getting into IoT projects and some of this fun hardware by night.



Yes, you can control two servo’s with bluz. However, the current Servo library isn’t currently implemented, this is something we are looking to add quickly. This should be possible very soon and I can possibly even get you system binaries even sooner than the next release.

Sorry for the slight delay, so many things to add!


Eric, thank you for the reply! I’d be happy to try out the new binaries for the Servo Library. Let me know when they are ready or if I can help! Thanks.


Hey Eric! Any word on implementing the current Servo library? Let me know if I can test out anything for you.

Also, could you point to any resources on using a battery pack or rechargeable battery with the Bluz? I don’t think the battery shield with a CR2032 is powerful enough for Servos.

Thanks for all your help!


Sorry for the delay, this week and last have been crazy with the gateways coming in, among other things. This is definitely on the list for 1.2, so I am trying to get to it as fast as I can!


I saw the lock project you posted recently had a servo. Does this mean the servo library will be available soon?


This is high on the list. May not be in 2.0, but we are planning a few quick releases after that so it will be in there soon