Can a Bluz pair with a phone?


I am trying to take a photon based air sensor ( and turn it into a bluetooth enabled sensor that can connect to the air streaming app. (

The app is designed to detect paired bluetooth sensors on the phone. I can’t get the Bluz to pair. I can program it through the app so that works. To pair with the phone do I need special code to run that does the pairing?

Sorry I am a high school teacher not an engineer or coder.




I am not too familiar with that project, so take everything I say with a grain of salt.

I did look through the schematics for the AirCasting Airbeam, as well as the Android app source, and it looks like they are using a Bluetooth 2.1 EDR radio. This is not the same as the Bluetooth Low Energy 4.1 radio that we use on bluz.

Just to provide too many details (my specialty :smile:), Bluetooth comes in two major flavors, “Classic” and Low Energy (aka Bluetooth LE, BLE, or Bluetooth Smart). These are both managed by the same group, but they are completely different and completely incompatible protocols. Most older Bluetooth devices fall under the “Classic” flavor, though this is still widely used today. Bluetooth LE is relatively new and is designed for much lower powered applications, having longer battery life but lower data rates.

This Airbeam device and corresponding app seem to use the Classic protocol, so bluz wouldn’t work with it. It could still be possible to alter the app to use BLE or even bypass it and send data directly to the Aircasting server for display. The app seems to forward data along to their servers, so it would be that bluz would be able to do this, but it would require a lot more investigation.

I hope that helps. Sorry, but it looks like they wouldn’t work together without some significant code changes on the Aircasting app side or some deep investigation into how to send data to their servers.


Thanks for the reply.

I guess it is back to the drawing board.