Changing i2c pins


Hey Eric, off the top of your head… where would I change the i2c pins?

I have connected scl to pin p0.07 and and sda to 06 to make routing lines easier on my custom board


Off the top of my head? This will be a little vague…

It is under platform/MCU/NRF51/NRF…/inc/nrf_driver/config/nrf_driver_config.h

In that file there is a definition for TWI0, you are looking for the two pins. Note that these are directly the pins on the nrf51, not anything through the pi map, so you’d have to look at the schematic to translate it. Quickest place to find that is here:

I hope that is mostly right, I am going completely from memory, so I can look in more detail later if it isn’t


Awesome that’s exactly where it is… now I just need to make some time and program this thing! I just really hope at least one of my boards has a working imu for testing… can’t tell if it’s soldered correctly or not. Wasn’t easy applying solder paste manually to pads that small