Come meet the Bluz Team!


We will be at the following upcoming events around the country and we would love to meet some of our backers. We will be handing out stickers and other goodies, so please come say hi!



@eric, Spark graciously invited me again this year to the SF Faire so I’ll see you in the booth!! :stuck_out_tongue:


You do a Europian tour to ? :wink:


Had a blast at Maker Faire this weekend! Got to meet the entire Particle team plus @peekay123 and some other Particle elites, plus some great people from Sparkfun. Here’s a picture of the booth:


Hey! More importantly, I got to meet Eric! I can’t wait to get my Bluz :stuck_out_tongue:



One note event, for anyone in New England, we will be at the Party @ Arms today in Manchester, NH. This is a huge event with great networking potential, so if you’re in the area, stop by!