Connect and Receive data directly from Bluz on iOS


A Noob question,
Can I connect and receive data directly from Bluz without the need for particle cloud?
I want to receive values from Bluz connected devices, for example, a potentiometer on leg a0 or read high/low from d1.
Can I do that? Do you have an SDK for that or you have instructions?



Excellent question, though one already asked on these forums. You can see more details here: Direct Bluetooth connection from App(No Particle Cloud)


I saw that topic, He asked about connecting and sending data to the Bluz. Is it the same receiving?
I found this article : Apple Connect BT

Is it helpful?


Yes, those are the same things. You will either read from a characteristic or write to it, which translates to receiving and sending data respectively. So it would be the same procedure.

Is there a reason that you wouldn’t want to use the Particle cloud? I will say this, even if you are writing an app, it may be easier to use the cloud. This way you don’t have to worry about low-level bluetooth tasks and can get data from bluz through the simple REST API. This may be easier than trying to write an app to talk directly to bluz. The one downside is latency, it would clearly take longer, but if that isn’t a huge concern, you could still use the Particle cloud.

We will support both, just the latter part isn’t available today.


I need as little latency as I can get :slight_smile:
And I don’t want to be depend on wifi/cell-network.
I want to use it for music making purposes and to make a musical instrument out of it so latency is very important.
Ill be glad to know if you tried something like it and what is the minimal latency that I can get when “talking” directly to Bluz?
Thanks again


Well, the instructions in that thread should allow you to do the same thing and talk directly to bluz. We will make this much simpler in a future release, but that should work for now.


How can I know when the SDK/new release will be available?
Is there any approximation?


Unfortunately I can’t give an estimate right now. We are still neck deep in getting rewards finished and shipped. It is possible to do this on your own with those instructions, or perhaps someone in the community can make this simpler and provide a PR that we can merge in.

We will announce new versions once we release them. This is near the top of the list, so it will probably go into the first or second release we do.


+1 for a higher level interface for non cloud communication between IOS and the Bluz.

I received my 2 x Bluz yesterday, as an avid particle user they were wonderfully simple to setup. The particle cloud interaction works really well. Like @zeppelin85 I also have a requirement to operate at times without the cloud and would welcome a higher level API to enable this. I have worked with some other BLE boards (lightbluebean and rfduino) so I will take a look at the instructions but was wanting to avoid having to hack firmware.

The project I am building is for agriculture with remote data collection (bluz) and analysis (ios), but once back in range to upload results to cloud for data storage and reporting. I cannot assume the ios device has access to WIFI or 3G.