Connect BluzDK to UNO using HC-05/06



I have a sketch already running on an UNO.

Can I communicate between my UNO and a Bluz using an HC 05/06 module on the UNO?

Thank you in advance for any help.


I don’t believe the HC 05/06 is BLE, I think it is just using normal Bluetooth. Therefore, they cannot communicate to eachother.

What you would need is a BLE module that can operate in Central mode if you want to try and hook the two together.


Thank you @eric.

So a BLE module only working in slave mode would not work? (here is an example)


Correct, this is a peripheral device it looks like, so it can’t talk to bluz DK. It could talk to our gateway shields or other BLE devices potentially, but these are sort of limited.

Can you share some details of what you want to do? Maybe we can try and offer some suggestions.


Thank you @eric.

In my new project, I have a sensor connected to a BluzDK. I also have a legacy system running on an Arduino. I would like the DK to send data to the Arduino. The data is basically data that has been processed from the sensor.

I also will be trying the following hardware:

Is there a better way for doing this?

Thank you.


Getting a legacy Uno to talk to any device in the Particle ecosystem isn’t the simplest thing to do. If you could swap out the Uno, that would be best. It doesn’t have to be bluz, it can be a Photon or Core or any other device that talks to the Particle cloud. It is very easy to send data to/from other Particle devices, much more of a challenge to do it with devices outside of the ecosystem.

If you didn’t want to use the Particle cloud, using two bluz DK’s connected to one gateway would also work. You could use local communication so they could talk to eachother.

It wouldn’t be so straight forward to try and get bluz to talk to an Uno through BLE alone. While possible, it would require you to delve into the BLE specifics.