Connect OLED to Bluz


I’d like to use this OLED by freetronics with Bluz. The problem is that in the documentation (for Arduino) they tell you to use the ICSP connector. I know every ICSP pin is equal to one of the normal pin of the board (for example in Arduino Uno MOSI = pin 11; MISO = pin 12; SCK = pin 13). Which pins should I use with Bluz? (Also the OLED documentation does not use ICSP names, but says ICSP 1, ICSP 2 and so on)
Thank you


The ICSP header just carries the SPI lines on the Arduino boards. You can simply map these to the corresponding pins on bluz.

So the ICSP mapping for the Arduino Uno is here (towards the bottom of the page):

The SPI mapping for bluz is here:

So you just need to map one to the other for connections.