Connecting at different location


So…I connected my Bluz gateway at work and then connected two bluzDKs through it. I then brought them all home and connected the gateway’s Photon to my home WiFi. I then turned on the bluzDKs (both are powered via battery shields). Both of them are breathing green–advertising. Why didn’t the automatically reconnect to the gateway and through to the Particle cloud? By the way, both the Photon and the bluz on the gateway show up on via “particle list”.


They should reconnect, not sure why they wouldn’t. Is the LED L2 on the gateway shield blinking every 2 seconds?

‘particle list’ can sometimes be deceiving, especially with bluz and the gateway shields. It is possible for something to appear online even if it isn’t, the Electrons do the same thing. It is best to verify the gateway is actually connected by looking at the L2 LED or visiting and verifying you see the gateway with a valid ID listed.

If that isn’t the case, are you able to discover them in the bluz app? Are you able to connect them to the Particle cloud through the bluz app?


Same thing this morning. They ran all night without issue. I then powered them down and brought them to my office. Both are seemingly in an “advertising” state (blinking green slowly). The gateway is visible via the console. Neither one shows up in the bluz app – just two unnamed entries showing RSSI’s and “0 services”.

By the way, here is the listing for the bluz that’s on the gateway. It shows up on the Particle app and indicates it has the Tinker software. Is that normal?

bluzGatewayBT [b1e230e41ac7de777b5b9719] is online
    version (string)
    int digitalread(String args) 
    int digitalwrite(String args) 
    int analogread(String args) 
    int analogwrite(String args)

Also, FWIW, I’ve noticed some strange “interference” with my Apple Magic Mouse. It loses connection and then regains connection. I’ve never seen this until I started playing with the bluz technology.


What code were you running on the DK’s? It sounds like the issue could lie there as the gateway seems to be operating normally.

Yes, tinker on the gateway is normal, that is the default app.


A small program to check a digital input and then push it to the cloud if it changes. I may have just discovered the issue you’re working with @Imartu – publishing before the connection is made. In fact, I test the input and then push the current state in setup(). I’ll likely have to change that, too.


Ah, yes, that could cause the issue. This bug has already been fixed in develop, so it will be available in the next release


Will Particle.variable() (and Particle.function()) have the same effect as Particle.publish() if no connection has been established when they are called?


Particle.function does not, Particle.variable may. I am honestly not sure but I can try this later and verify.